A Message from President Green

June 12, 2020

Dear Susquehannans: 

As a call to action for Susquehanna University to become an actively antiracist community, I have asked Professors Shari Jacobson and Olu Onafowora to lead “CenSUs: Everyone Counts” a task force of faculty, staff, and students to develop a series of action steps to be undertaken this summer and in the coming year to assure our campus is a supportive community in which all members feel welcome and supported.

These efforts will begin with reviews of Public Safety and our partnerships with regional law enforcement, campus facilities, website and social media strategies, and student-centered education. The task force will develop recommendations for: 

Campus Safety

  • How can we ensure the safety of all members of our campus community?
  • This will include a review of campus facilities, the Student Health Center, Counseling Services, Public Safety, and our surrounding community as well as recommendations for how each will be prepared and positioned for the needs of our community.

Training and Education

  • How can faculty and staff be best prepared to help students and each other to effectively navigate productive dialog and work across difference while honestly acknowledging the roles of privilege in each of our lives?
  • This will include recommendations for professional development of our employees and educational programming for our students.

Policies and Procedures

  • How should our policies and procedures be revised to eliminate hidden bias and obstacles?
  • This will include the development and implementation of inclusive campus practices and policies that recognize the unique characteristics and needs of all members of our community.

It is critically important that all members of our community know that Black Lives Matter at Susquehanna University. We will affirm this through the actions we take as a community in the coming weeks and months.

Please join me in fully supporting the work of this task force.

Yours ever,
Jonathan Green

Taskforce Participants & Subcommittees

The CenSUs Task Force is being led by professors Olu Onafowora and Shari Jacobson.  In the tabs below you will find information on the charges of each of the subcommittees and the membership of those committees. 

The following committee members are participating in all five subcommittees:
  • Michael Dixon, chief inclusion and diversity officer
  • Shari Jacobson, associate professor of anthropology
  • Olu Onafowora, professor of economics, department head of economics
  • Jim Stowe, board of trustees member
  • Crystal Van Horn, academic assistant

Student-Centered Education

This committee will be thinking broadly about the education of our students. Orientation, co-curricular programming, and residence hall life will all be examined.

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Abigail Antoine, student trustee
  • Cheyenne Keams, student
  • Scott Kershner, chaplain
  • Susan Lantz, vice president for student life
  • Peg Peeler, professor of biology
  • Samantha Proffitt, director of first year experience, adjunct faculty personal development
  • Sydney Salas, student
  • Ed Slavishak, professor of history, program director of GO Czech Republic
  • Shan Yan, associate professor of finance and analytics, department head of finance and analytics
  • Colleen Zoller, professor of philosophy, department head of philosophy, program director of GO Greece

Faculty & Staff-Centered Issues 

This committee has a two-fold charge: first, to ensure faculty and staff are trained to work with a diverse student body whose understandings of diversity are fluid and may differ from faculty and staff understandings of diversity. Second, this committee needs to address questions of tenure, promotion, campus climate, and retention for faculty and staff of color and other underrepresented minorities.

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Bucher, vice president of human resources
  • Matt Duperon, associate professor of religious studies
  • Sarah Farbo, assistant director of service leaders program & career development
  • Theresa Finley, assistant professor economics
  • Heather Lang, assistant professor of English, writing coordinator
  • Maggi Reedel, student
  • Daryl Rodgers, associate professor of Italian, director of applied language studies, department head of languages, literatures and cultures
  • Michaeline Shuman, assistant provost and director of career development, adjunct faculty personal development, interim faculty coordinator for post-graduate advising
  • Thomas Tang, student
  • Christina Wolfe, housekeeper

Plant and Facilities

This team will examine how the arrangement and use of spaces on our campus are rendered welcoming and supportive for different members of our community.

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Chris Bailey, director of facilities management, adjunct faculty in earth and environmental sciences
  • John Bodinger, associate professor of anthropology, department head of sociology and anthropology, program director of Go Iceland
  • Colleen Bunn, director of residence life
  • Russ-Ahna Davenport, student
  • Meg Garnett, special collections librarian, assistant professor
  • Lynn Palermo, associate professor of French, program director of GO Villandraut
  • Christiana Paradis, OVW program coordinator, adjunct faculty in women's studies

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

This committee is charged with ensuring that our campus and environs are safe for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Miranda Carrasquillo, coordinator of the JCCE
  • Justin Darden, student
  • Malcolm Derk, director of grants & foundation relations
  • Eric Hinton, associate professor of music, director of bands
  • Scott Manning, dean of global programs, associate professor of French
  • Angelo Martin, director of public safety
  • Stacey Pearson-Wharton, dean of health & wellness, director of counseling center
  • Claire Townsend, student
  • Alan Zemaitis, assistant coach - special teams coordinator & Safeties / Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Website, Social Media & Digital Communication

This committee has two broad charges: first, to make sure our website and other digital communications make it easy to find information about diversity and campus safety; and second to push out on social media messaging that reflects a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Amanda Bannon, digital marketing manager
  • Elijah Hall, student
  • Kira McNally, digital marketing specialist
  • Anna Miller, associate director of admission communication
  • Nairem Moran, director of athletic communications
  • Michael Ozlanski, assistant professor of accounting
  • Alissa Packer, associate professor of biology
  • Dena Salerno, dean for student diversity & inclusion, title IX coordinator
  • Logan Sweet, associate director of advancement communications