The purpose of the Safe Zone Project is to create a visible network of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students.

The Safe Zone Project prepares members of the campus community to serve as resources for LGBTQ people, and through education, to work to decrease homophobia and heterosexism.


Members of the Safe Zone Project:

  • Affirm the basic human dignity of all members of the campus community, regardless of sexual and gender orientations. They affirm the basic tenant that sexual and gender orientations are not determined by simple choice.
  • Serve as supports for students who are coming out, and they are resources for members of the campus community of all sexual and gender orientations.
  • Publicly identify themselves as participants in the program by displaying the Safe Zone flier.
  • Strive to address homophobia and heterosexism as they encounter it.
  • Participate in the initiatives and advocate for policies that support the equal rights of LGBTQ community members.
  • Recognize that issues surrounding the LGBTQ people are not simple and are open to questions and continuing dialogue.
  • Are willing to continue to educate themselves about LGBTQ issues.

Resources on Campus

Center for Intercultural and Community Engagement 

Resource center for all diversity initiatives on campus. Includes LGBTQ books and films, provides Safe Zone trainings, HAVEN group support and individual advocacy

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
Student group focused on educational initiatives, activism and programming

Counseling Center
Provides confidential, individual support and resources

Blough-Weis Library
Resources include LGBTQ-themed books, periodicals and movies

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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

514 University Ave.
Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870

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