Welcome to the global community of Susquehanna University!

It's not easy for any student to adjust to college life and if you're new to the United States, there can be additional challenges. But we're here to help!

Whether you're coming for a semester or for four years, we can assist you with academic concerns, housing, cultural adjustment, working on campus and more!

A two-day orientation when you arrive will begin to prepare you for life in the U.S. and at Susquehanna. Our one-on-one mentoring will guide you throughout the academic year.


Orientation for international students is especially crucial!

It's held twice a year in August and January. You'll learn about how to be successful at SU; meet fellow international students and mentors; learn important immigration information; and meet with your advisor and others before all students return to campus!

Email iss@susqu.edu for dates and details on orientation information sessions and booking plane tickets.

Before you arrive:

  1. Request your immigration documents and pay your SEVIS fee
  2. Apply for your F-1 or J-1 visa
  3. Send your finalized visa documents to the appropriate SU office
  4. Pay your SU deposit if applicable
  5. Fill out your housing and course registration forms
  6. Prepare for travel to Susquehanna!
  7. Check in with the ISS office before traveling   

We offer airport pickup from Harrisburg International Airport for the days leading up to orientation. Once you arrive, you'll be given a welcome bag of linens and some snack foods. Please direct any questions to the International Student Services coordinator

Here's some more advice for after your arrival.

We offer merit-based scholarships to select students who excelled in high school and obtained a high enough SAT score, or other test score where applicable. For more information, contact your Susquehanna Admissions counselor to see if you're eligible.

Many F-1 students come to SU funded through their home government or a third party organization. For example, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, the State of Kuwait and many other foundations fund students studying areas of interest. If interested, contact a representative from these foundations to check your eligibility.

J-1 students tend to be exchange students, and therefore are already paying less than the average international student or domestic student. Check with your home university or the International Student Services coordinator to see what you're saving!

F visa holder:

Please visit the international admissions page in order to submit your required materials. Please do not make an interview appointment at your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate until you have received an official acceptance letter to Susquehanna University, as well as your original I-20. If you have further questions, please contact the admissions counselor who represents your region.

J visa holder:

  1. Be nominated by your school to attend Susquehanna University for a semester or a year
  2. After the International Student Services coordinator emails you, send in all required documents and complete all required forms including: 
    • DS-2019 request
    • Exchange Student Application form
    • Send a color copy of your valid passport
    • Copies of your official English Proficiency Test Results
  3. An official admittance letter will be created, as well as an official signed DS-2019, and sent directly to you to the address that you listed on your DS-2019 request form. You will also be emailed copies of both of these documents
  4. Take a look at the Arrival tab information to make sure you haven't missed a step or any information!
  5. Set up an appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country. Before you attend your appointment, make sure you have your DS-2019 and that you've paid your SEVIS and visa application fees. Print and save the SEVIS fee payment receipt!
  6. Once you've received your visa or been denied your visa, reach out to the International Student Services coordinator to let them know the result! If you've been accepted, please send a color copy of your visa once received.

We work diligently to promote and host events and programming focused on international students and encouraging different cultures.

If you or your club have an idea for an event and/or would like to co-sponsor it, please email the International Student Services coordinator with your idea or set up a time to meet.

Coffee hours are hosted in front of Starbucks in the Degenstein Campus Center on most Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Stop by to grab some free coffee, ask questions or bring up some new ideas for international students!

Welcome, parents!

Susquehanna University lies in the small town of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.

The international population is on the rise, with more than 31 countries represented by the campus population overall. We're grateful that you and your child are bringing valuable cultural diversity to our internationalized campus.

All of our students study away from SU, contributing to the overall internationalization of Susquehanna's campus as well as the surrounding town.

If you're interested in visiting, you will probably need a B-2 tourist visa. The Department of State offers a plethora of information and instructions.

Documentation depends on the home country you're applying through so please get in contact with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate that you'll be going to beforehand.

The International Student Services coordinator and others within the Global Programs Office will keep in contact with students very frequently.

If for some reason, you are worried about your student or cannot get ahold of them, please feel free to contact the International Student Services coordinator or Public Safety.

We welcome any questions, comments and concerns. Please reach out to the International Student Services coordinator via email or phone at +1 (570)-372-4698!

We have an on-campus health center, which you can go to free of charge.

There is a doctor available to see you nearly every day. The health center also has many medications that can be prescribed, which are then billed to your account.

If you need to go to a local pharmacy or doctor and do not have a ride, the health center will coordinate a student driver to bring you to your destination.

Safety is taken very seriously. There is an on campus department called Public Safety, which you'll be introduced to on the first day of orientation.

Public Safety has the ability to lock down all dorms and housing, send out mass emails and texts with up-to-date information, and monitor campus by car, golf cart and bicycle. Additionally, if you do not feel safe, you can call the front desk and request a ride to your destination on campus.

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