Support for all faiths and beliefs

In addition to studying for your major and navigating your career trajectory, self-definition as part of your personal development plays a crucial role in determining your life success. Susquehanna offers you the opportunity to ponder essential questions, providing both the time and space for exploration:

“What defines me?”
“What do I stand for?”
“What is my role or purpose in life?” 

The Center for Spirituality & Meaning is here to help you engage with life’s profound questions, as you craft yourself into a conscientious global citizen.

Whether you engage life’s biggest questions from a secular, religious, or spiritual perspective — or find yourself on a journey where labels don’t easily fit — we welcome you to explore what matters most.

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Spiritual, religious and secular diversity

At Susquehanna, religious and spiritual life is as diverse as the university’s vibrant student body. Here, you will find a welcoming community that encompasses individuals from various traditions, and even those who may not have any specific affiliation. As an expression of our historical affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we embrace, support and celebrate diversity in its countless forms.


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Susquehanna remains dedicated to championing diversity across worldview identities, ensuring a sense of belonging for everyone. Our ongoing conversations and efforts reflect this commitment. To measure our progress, we self-report our progress among seven domains — religious accommodations, institutional behaviors, efforts to reduce negative engagement, extracurricular engagement, space for support and expression, structural diversity and academic engagement. Follow our success through our INSPIRES Campus Climate Index Scorecard.

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  • Faculty are encouraged to accommodate students’ needs regarding religious holiday observances, such as to return home for holidays or to miss class for worship.
  • Some dining venues include options for religious dietary restrictions such as vegetarian. Limited kosher food is available during Passover in the university dining room. Arrangements can be made to use the kosher kitchen in the Hillel House as well.
  • Some dining venues’ hours of service accommodate religious students’ access to food around fasting times.
  • See also Gatherings below


Student opportunities 

Our gathering spaces

Arthur Plaza

Arthur Plaza

Located in the heart of campus, the Douglas E. Arthur Plaza is a site for campus vigils and other gatherings around social concerns. 

Dinner at Hillel House

Hillel House

The Hillel House is a gathering place for the Jewish community at Susquehanna. Located on the “triangle” where University Avenue meets Pine Street, it features a kosher kitchen, meditation room and library. 

Image of Susquehannock Tribute Circle at Susquehanna University. Fire pit surrounded by four uniquely shaped, circular benches.

Susquehannock Tribute Circle

Located near the Charles B. Degenstein Campus Center, the land acknowledgment site includes an outdoor firepit and seating surrounded by native trees. 

Outside of Weber Chapel in fall 2023.

Weber Chapel and Horn Meditation Chapel

Weber seats 1,500 and plays host to guest lecturers, visiting artist performances and weekly Christian worship services. There is also a meditation chapel. 

Muslim Prayer Room

The Muslim Prayer Room inside of the GO House is set aside for Muslim prayer practice. 

Image inside a mindfulness space on Susquehanna University's campus.

Multifaith and Mindfulness Spaces

Located in several residence halls, these rooms are set aside to support emotional and spiritual well-being. They can be used for quiet reflection, reading, meditation, prayer or other contemplative and mindfulness practices. 

Annual gatherings

Christmas Candlelight Service
Over 1,600 attendees gather in Weber Chapel each December for a service that includes candle lighting and carols, traditional readings, songs and prayers.

In conjunction with the Asian Cultural Association, a festive gathering celebrating the Hindu festival of lights is held each October or November.

Eid al-Fitr
A festive meal marking the completion of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Hillel hosts an annual 150-person Passover Seder in March or April, one of its largest events.

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is celebrated each September or October and includes building a sukkah on campus.

Weekly gatherings

Hillel hosts a weekly Friday night Shabbat meal that is open to everyone. 

Shuttle to St. Pius X
Students can take a free shuttle to the St. Pius X Catholic student mass. 

Sunday Chapel Service
Everyone is welcome to weekly Christian worship service Sundays at 11 a.m. in Weber Chapel, also available for listening via Susquehanna’s radio station 88.9 FM, WQSU The Pulse.  

Multifaith & cultural heritage holidays

Susquehanna University provides a list of holidays for understanding diverse observances. Use it for planning activities, respecting observances, and learning about our cultural diversity. If a student anticipates a religious/spiritual observance may conflict with academic obligations such as attending class, taking examinations or submitting assignments, work directly with your professor to make reasonable arrangements. Should you require additional support or guidance, or you would like to recommend additions or corrections to the calendar, reach out to the Center for Spirituality & Meaning.

The list below displays upcoming holidays through the end of the academic year. It is refreshed at the start of each fall semester.

Meet our campus spiritual leaders

As spiritual leaders, Chaplain Scott Kershner and Rabbi Nina Mandel contribute to fostering an environment of trust, honor and achievement for all. They serve as pastoral counselors offering confidential counseling, therapeutic support and spiritual guidance to students.

Scott Kershner

Chaplain and Director of Religious & Spiritual Life

Email Address

Phone Number 570-372-4220

Headshot of Nina Mandel.
Nina Mandel

Director of Jewish Life

Email Address

Phone Number 570-372-4718

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