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Types of Periodicals


  • Issued frequently (weekly or monthly)
  • Find at bookstore or newsstand
  • Attractive and slick in appearance
  • Many advertisements
  • Many graphics (photographs, drawings, illustrations)
  • Main purpose is to entertain or present news
  • Articles are written for the general public
  • Articles are written by a member of the editorial staff or a freelance writer
  • Articles are usually short, and written in simple language
  • Sources are seldom cited
  • Examples:
    • Time
    • Newsweek
    • Reader's Digest
    • Sports Illustrated


  • Issued quarterly or bimonthly
  • The following words are often in the title: "quarterly," "journal," "review" or "annals"
  • Published by a university, a professional society or association, such as the American Chemical Society or American Psychological Association
  • Serious looking
  • Many graphs, charts, diagrams and statistics
  • Articles are written by a scholar in the field or by someone who has done research in the field
  • Sources are ALWAYS cited in either footnotes or bibliographies
  • Main purpose is to report on original research or experimentation
  • Examples:
    • Journal of the American Chemical Society
    • Quarterly Review of Biology
    • Review of Economic Studies
    • Annals of Mathematics


  • The key word is industry
  • Main purpose is to present news and research about the industry
  • Many advertisements for people with an interest in a particular industry
  • Geared toward the audience with prior knowledge of that industry
  • Usually published by a reporting branch of the industry
  • Examples:
    • Mix
    • Textile World
    • Advertising Age
    • Electronic Media


  • Contains articles on a wide variety of topics, written from the point of view of a particular group, like a religious group, political group or environmental group.
  • Examples:
    • America
    • The Lutheran
    • Sierra
    • Spiritual Advisor

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