• Christie Kräcker

April 01, 2016

Last fall, Christie Kräcker stepped into a new role leading a new campus life structure that is reimagining the student experience. Susquehanna Currents recently caught up with Kräcker and asked her to reflect on her first year at SU.

SC: Your appointment coincided with a new structure for the Division of Student Life. Can you talk a little about that reorganization and how it is leading to stronger student engagement?
CK: The dean of students and campus life position was created for this academic year. One of the goals of the position is to create a campus-life model wherein the Department of Residence Life and the Center for Leadership and Engagement, along with the Johnson Center for Civic Engagement and the conduct process, all come together as a seamless experience for students. The dean’s role is also to support the vice president for student engagement and success (Lisa Scott) in her responsibilities and in the overall Student Life Division objectives. Another piece of my portfolio is that I advise the Student Government Association, which has been a wonderful addition.

SC: How have you handled the challenge of relocating, starting a new job and implementing an entirely new division structure?

CK: The pace has been fast and the learning curve steep at times, but I thrive on challenges. This is the fifth campus for me to transition to as a professional. The bigger challenge for this relocation was moving my family to a new state this time. My last position was a similar structure, so I believe I came with a wealth of experience that can be applied to this new role here at SU.

SC: What do you personally hope to accomplish in your first year on the job?
CK: I personally want to make a difference in how students experience campus life. I want the students to feel like they can reach out to me and have a positive experience. Moreover, I want to bring a student-centered model to all processes, policies and decisions we make.