• Katie Robbins ’96

April 01, 2017

Susquehanna has a proud and storied history when it comes to coaches who have worn the orange and maroon. It is rare, however, for an assistant coach to have a major impact on a sports program.

Katie Robbins ’96, assistant swimming & diving coach, has not only made that impact but continues to do so as she recently completed her 21st season as part of the coaching staff and 25th year with the program, including four years as a student-athlete.

“I only planned to be at Susquehanna for a couple years,” says Robbins, who, along with head coach Jerry Foley, diving coach Josh Powell and fellow assistant coach Haley Townsend, were named the Landmark Conference Women’s Swimming & Diving Coaching Staff of the Year in February.

“At first I wasn’t sure Susquehanna was a perfect fit for me. I was wrong, and more than 20 years later, I am still here.” Her longevity with the program has proven to be an asset for recruiting and for alumni relations.

“I refer to her as the glue of the program,” says Foley, who completed his eighth season as head coach and has led the women’s team to seven consecutive Landmark Conference team titles. “Katie is the connection we have to all the athletes who have gone through the program. She stays in contact with them and can rally the troops when needed.”

As a recruiter, she is able to tell the Susquehanna story from a first-person point of view.

“The school sells itself,” Robbins says. “The programs here are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and the professors are a big help in the recruiting process. Susquehanna offers a great experience and great academics.”

Robbins admits that she really didn’t have a specialty as a swimmer, but she did her best to compete in whatever event needed her participation. Under the late G. Edward “Ged” Schweikert III, emeritus professor of psychology and Susquehanna’s first head swimming coach, Robbins developed a love for the sport, which began at an early age when she competed on a local summer team.