Signe Gates '71 and President Jonathan Green

First Word

By Signe Gates
Summer 2017 Issue

I’m thrilled to welcome Jonathan Green and Lynn Buck to Susquehanna!

Jonathan brings the right talent, experience and manner to successfully serve as the university’s 15th president. He distinguished himself in many ways from the pool of highly qualified candidates who wanted to become president of Susquehanna.

First and foremost, he demonstrated an in-depth knowledge, appreciation and genuine love of student-centered, liberal arts education. In fact, it was clear that among the many aspects of the university that stood out for him was its long and abiding commitment to the liberal arts.

The search committee, which included trustees, faculty, staff and students, was also very impressed with Jonathan’s thoughtful identification of possibilities for Susquehanna in areas such as student recruitment and retention, reputation building and philanthropy.

While these are challenging times for higher education, Susquehanna is clearly on an upward trajectory and is poised to take advantage of new opportunities. I am quite confident that Jonathan will identify and embrace those opportunities to advance our university.

On a more personal note, throughout the interview process, Jonathan allowed us to see his delightful sense of humor, which made him a beloved administrator and teacher at the institutions he’s served. Many of you have witnessed that sense of humor in recent months during Jonathan’s interactions on and off campus.

One of the greatest joys of my professional life was to make, and have accepted, a job offer that I knew the candidate wanted. I experienced that joy when I offered the position to Jonathan. When I asked him if he would like to be the 15th president of Susquehanna University, his response was “More than anything I can imagine.”

Jonathan believes that university presidents are “stewards of their institutions and keepers of the institutional story.” On behalf of Susquehanna’s Board of Trustees and the presidential search committee, I can assure you we have landed a master steward and keeper of the story, who will ensure that Susquehanna’s story is told with both eloquence and vigor.

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