Senior Star-struck, Inspired at Cannes Film Festival

Fall 2017 Issue

Senior Samantha D’Amico has some big dreams—namely, making it as a television writer. Her recent internship will go a long way toward helping her get there.

Samantha D'Amico

D’Amico, a broadcasting major from Middletown, Del., interned at the Cannes Film Festival, held May 17-28 in the luxurious city on the French Riviera.

While there, she handled sales and acquisitions for TriCoast Worldwide Entertainment, a production company based in Culver City, Calif., deciding which movie pitches or scripts to forward to TriCoast.

“It was kind of a big job,” D’Amico said. “It was nice they trusted me enough to have that responsibility.”

She spent most of her time at the Cannes festival at Le Marché du Film, the marketplace for film professionals to buy and sell film distribution rights. Her Marché badge got her into all of the red carpet premiers and parties.

“You just never knew what to expect. Every day was a new surprise,” D’Amico said. “You could walk down any avenue and see celebrities. If they knew you were an intern, they invited you into their party or onto their yacht.”

D’Amico arrived in Cannes with two gowns—one borrowed from her mother and the other her senior prom gown—for the red carpet. Among the slew of celebrities she spotted were Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Vanessa Redgrave, Marion Cotillard and Jessica Chastain.

However, it was a chat with actress Nicole Kidman, whom D’Amico encountered on a red carpet, that she will always remember.

“She asked me about why I was there. We talked about the industry and I told her that I can’t wait to see her new movies-she had four premier at Cannes,” D’Amico remembered. “And then she said, ‘If I’m ever doing TV when you’re there, I hope to be in one of your projects.’

“Being there makes you feel like you made it. Even if you’re a lowly intern, it gives you the motivation to go for it.”

D’Amico’s experience in Cannes has given her a new focus for her career trajectory. She is currently writing for the independent entertainment website After graduation, she plans to sign with a talent agency and head to Los Angeles to find work as a writer.

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