Chance Alumni Connection Lands Senior an Australian Internship

Fall 2017 Issue

When senior Zachary Clinchy, of Macungie, Pa., arrived in Australia for his semester-long Global Opportunities experience, he and his classmates used iVenture cards to experience some of the tourist attractions around Sydney.

iVenture Card International provides travelers with flexible, pre-paid destination attraction passes to make international sightseeing more convenient. Curious if the company, which is based in Sydney, had any internship opportunities, Clinchy did some research and discovered a Susquehanna alumna within iVenture’s ranks.

Lindsay Simoncavage ’09, of Nanticoke, Pa., also traveled to Australia for her GO experience and ended up making the country her home.

“I contacted Lindsay, introduced myself and after a series of interviews with her and the group executive director of marketing, I secured my internship for the next four months,” the strategic communications major said.

At iVenture, Clinchy’s responsibilities include revamping website content, creating blog posts about destinations and developing content for social media and promotional purposes. He is also interning with Indago Digital, which handles digital marketing for iVenture. At Indago Digital, Clinchy has been writing search engine optimized (SEO) copy for iVenture’s tourist guides.

His time in Australia has not been without challenges.

“Finding time to study (at Macquarie University, Sydney), work two internships, navigate public transportation and still find time to travel with friends to see the countryside has been difficult,” Clinchy admitted. “No class can prepare you for managing your time while trying to be your best at everything. But I am thankful for this experience that will help me in the working world after graduation.”

An avid outdoorsman, Clinchy hopes to land a marketing or advertising job with an outfitter in the outdoor industry.

“My internship with iVenture and Indago have been amazing experiences,” Clinchy said. “This has given me a better understanding of the marketing industry and how those within the industry work.”

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