Four Majors Debut This Fall

Fall 2019 Issue

Susquehanna’s students can select from an expanded offering of majors beginning this fall.

Graphic design majors will now seek candidacy for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), a new degree program that requires 72 credits and serves students who are focused on achieving a professional career in graphic design, advertising, publishing or other industry sectors.

“Over the past decade, it has become essential for graphic designers to be as educated in interactive design as they are in traditional print design,” says Mark Fertig, professor and chair of the Department of Art and Design at Susquehanna. “Our new BFA program allows us to devote more attention to digital design and continue graduating students who are poised to tackle all aspects of design when they enter the professional marketplace.”

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, which has been a part of Susquehanna’s curriculum since 2003, continues as a 48-credit program that primarily serves students who see graphic design as a complementary second major. In addition, it includes a greater balance of courses in art history, studio art and graphic design.

Offered through the Department of Political Science, the new legal studies major is available to students who are interested in pursuing a career in law or the legal system.

This pre-professional program draws on courses from political science, sociology, anthropology and philosophy. Students in this major will receive a broad-based introduction — giving them the freedom to discover if they’d like to continue to law school or pursue a legal or related career, including court administration, criminal investigations, public administration or nonprofit management.

Real-world experience is available through a guaranteed, paid internship with Susquehanna’s Arlin M. Adams Center for Law and Society.

Two new majors are being offered through the Sigmund Weis School of Business — international business and management.

International business majors will develop the cross-cultural and business skills to effectively manage all types of enterprises in a global environment as well as prepare local and national organizations to expand across international borders. The program requires students to complete an international internship, enabling them to experience firsthand the differences and challenges of working in a foreign environment while also developing an understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Intended for students who wish to manage and lead organizational activities, the management major provides a broad background in management. They will develop the ability to manage people and relationships in for-profit and nonprofit organizations and grow business opportunities.

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