April 01, 2016

Over the past 30 years, nearly 200 Susquehanna University graduates have left the halls of the Sigmund Weis School of Business for positions in two major companies: J.P. Morgan and Vanguard. For many, the road to both companies begins with a summer internship.

Stephanie Chan ’13 was first introduced to JPM at an alumni lunch with Jameson Troutman ’02, who previously worked for JPM and is now employed by Chase. It was through Troutman that Chan learned of JPM’s Finance Analyst Development Program for interns and new hires. She secured an internship with the company during the summer after her junior year, and by summer’s end received a full-time offer to join the 2013 Finance Analyst Development Program. Chan now assists her team as an associate financial controller within JPM’s Currencies and Emerging Markets space.

“I spent hours of my internship meeting and shadowing fellow SU alums and when the time came to make a decision for accepting my full-time postgraduate opportunity, these were the colleagues I sought advice from first,” Chan says. “Having someone within JPM who can understand what you experience on a daily basis is a great benefit and without fail, the conversation always goes back to our memories at Susquehanna-a definite plus.”

Kyle Robertson ’11, an associate with JPM Asset Management, says the company is increasingly turning to the internship pool to fill vacant positions.

“The last couple of summers we’ve had interns, and all have transferred to full-time employees,” Robertson says. “Each team that has an intern is expected to do skill-specific training, and because of the money and time that the company puts into cultivating these interns, we want to bring them back either for another summer or as a full-time employee because they are already up to speed.”

Robertson has worked with two other Susquehanna alumni, Troutman and Christopher Minghenelli ’14, to solicit student résumés through Susquehanna’s Career Development Center. They then submit qualified candidates to the company’s internship screening process.

The three then meet with the accepted interns periodically throughout the summer to decide who they will refer for full-time employment.

“We attach our names to the candidates we recommend, so we want to make sure the students we’re submitting are interested and qualified,” Robertson says. “But we’re willing to do that because we know the education they are getting at SU is good, and it’s evident that a Susquehanna degree is valued here.”