• Josh Hanemann ’17, a finance major and student-athlete, talks about teamwork and other benefits of being a student-athlete.

October 01, 2016

Josh Hanemann ’17

I felt Susquehanna was a great fit for me because not only could I play football here, but also join clubs, study abroad and get an excellent business education in the process.

Our coaches have firm goals and plans of action to win games. They help us stay focused by placing an emphasis on being both physically and mentally prepared, and helping us understand what we need to do to help the team succeed.

Through football I’ve learned that hard work and determination are the best, and really the only, substantial way to succeed in life. I’ve also learned that being tough and enduring is key.

When you get hit and knocked down, you have to get up and get back into the game in order to win.

Football also emphasizes the importance of team dynamics. No matter how good you are, you are only one of 11 other players on a field, and you need to do what the team asks of you so that the team as a whole has a chance to win.

I think my experience playing sports will give me a great workplace advantage. In addition to teamwork, I’ve learned the concepts of time management and hard work, and the importance of being goal-oriented. All of these are skills that are necessary in corporate settings, and are traits that companies value in their employees.

The best part about being on a sports team at Susquehanna is the close-knit friendships you develop with your teammates. Our football team has formed a brotherhood of sorts, and we’re learning to endure the challenges that come with playing football together.

However, sports is not the only thing I’ve been able to do during my time here. I am a brother of Theta Chi fraternity. I’ve been involved in Enactus, and I had the opportunity to study abroad in the business school’s London Program.

I ultimately feel like I made a great decision to come to Susquehanna. The university and the Sigmund Weis School of Business have been great incubators for what I have done so far, and what I hope to do in the future.