April 01, 2017

Students studying in the business school’s London Program last fall made British news for their research on the seaside town of Minehead. The students, led by economist Roland Bushell, a lecturer in the school’s London Program who lives in that small town, spent the semester examining the challenges facing the community and business leaders.

In December, the West Somerset Free Press reported on the students’ trip to Minehead, where the group presented their findings to local business people and community representatives, including members of Minehead Chamber of Commerce and West Somerset Railway.

Using information from online sources and local authorities, the group’s findings made the business case for extending a rail link from Minehead to Taunton, as well as improving the town’s online presence for tourists. Following the presentation, the students wrote a full report, which was distributed to local interest groups.

Doing a consulting project such as this is nothing new for students who spend a semester abroad in the London Program. Previous classes have consulted with businesses in the Czech Republic and other European countries. During their London program, students visit companies throughout Europe and take field trips to businesses in the United Kingdom, including Lloyd’s of London, the BBC and Harrod’s.