April 01, 2017

Senior economics major Courtney Conrad, who took her fangirling of the hit Broadway show Hamilton to new and interesting heights with her analyzes of some of the show’s music, was at it again this semester. This time in a podcast for Economic Rockstar.

The podcast follows a research presentation Conrad did on the topic last fall at the Student Conference in Business and Economics at Elizabethtown College. In the podcast, she discussed her analysis of economics concepts found in the show’s music. Conrad was the first undergraduate student to be featured on the podcast, which has previously featured Nobel Prize winner Alvin Roth, professor of economics at Stanford University. Listen to the podcast here.

After graduation, Conrad will continue her education at the University of New Hampshire. She is one of only six students to be admitted to the university’s economics doctoral program with full funding. She was awarded the program’s highest funding award as a first-year doctoral student with a dean’s scholarship and a graduate assistantship, which involves teaching and/or research.