April 01, 2018


A key event in the history of Susquehanna University and the Sigmund Weis School of Business came to fruition 25 years ago, in April 1993. We achieved AACSB accreditation—the top business school accreditation in the world, which fewer than 5 percent of schools worldwide have earned. It is even rarer for schools like us, as there are only six private, undergraduate-only schools with AACSB accreditation.

AACSB’s key charge—that business schools continuously improve—is a directive we have taken seriously in 2017-18, by improving the experience for our students in many ways.

For the first time, all students in the London Program interned in that city. Now back on campus, this first cohort is touting their amazing, life-changing experiences. Students studying and interning in London this spring are sharing a similar sense of excitement. International internships are rare experiences that few students worldwide receive, and we intend to expand these opportunities to more locations.

In spring 2019, several SWSB students will intern in Chester, UK, during a study abroad semester. And we still have our successful Stein Fellowship program, which will enable four additional students to study abroad this summer in locations throughout the world. About one-third of our students will now graduate having completed an international internship.

We’ve launched many other initiatives, such as the establishment of the Center for Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Education. We also created a student-managed investment fund, in which our senior finance students are making investment decisions with university funds; a new business data science major to better serve our students; and our first annual “House of Hawks” competition, in which student entrepreneurs competed for funds for their business ideas.

Numerous alumni and community leaders have come to campus to present guest lectures or to work with students on collaborative projects. Finally, the search for the next permanent dean of the Sigmund Weis School is in full swing, with an announcement likely in May.

We are excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary of AACSB accreditation and strive to continually improve our students’ experiences. We would love to share personally what’s happening on campus. If we did not see you back on campus this year, hopefully we will see you at Commencement or in 2018-19.


Matthew Rousu

Interim Dean, Sigmund Weis School of Business