• Apfelbaum Hall
    Jonathan McBride

April 01, 2018

The Sigmund Weis School of Business is excited to offer a new major this fall. The business data science major is for students who want a thorough understanding of data analysis within a business curriculum.

“We have long had an emphasis on information technology, and all students currently receive eight credits in data analytics coursework,” says Matthew Rousu, interim dean of the business school. “We are uniquely poised to offer a business data science major because of our intentional integration of the liberal arts and business.”

Rousu pointed to a recent internal study at Google (Project Aristotle) that suggested technical skills are necessary but not sufficient for workplace success.

The differentiating factor, the study found, is the ability of employees to master “soft” skills—communication, leadership and teamwork—which the business data science major brings together.

“New computer technologies for handling very large sets of data, along with new analysis algorithms, have created a demand for people with understandings in statistical analysis that will exceed supply,” says Associate Professor of Management Richard Orwig. “Data science is the discipline that provides students with both an understanding of statistics as well as the programming skills to apply analytical algorithms to all types of data.”