October 01, 2018

About 30 high school students enjoyed the experience of living on campus for a week last summer while they learned about the world of business. The first-ever Wall Street Susquehanna camp gave students an up-close introduction to business and investing taught by Sigmund Weis School faculty.

“High school students rarely get to work on company valuation. Our camp allowed students to use Bloomberg Terminals, something most undergraduate finance students at other schools do not get the opportunity to use, in order to do that work,” says Matthew Rousu, dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business.

Students also learned how to read and analyze a company’s financial statements and how to make financial models using Excel. “The ability to value companies properly is a great skill financial advisors need.”

The popular Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurship was offered twice, in June and August. High schoolers worked in teams in a simulated entrepreneurial setting, started and ran their own businesses, and engaged in a variety of business-related competitions, including developing their own infomercial.