• Scouts Illustration

December 01, 2020

History Professor Karol Weaver, along with colleagues from the Pennsylvania Historical Association, created an online curriculum for Girls Scouts of Pennsylvania to teach them about civic involvement.

The course is designed for Brownies in grades 2-3 and their troop leaders, and walks them through various topics of state interest, including:

  • The Pennsylvania state flag
  • The Pennsylvania state song
  • The history and significance of parades
  • State historical landmarks

“The Celebrating Community badge guide equips Brownie troop leaders to have a Karol Weaver discussion with their Brownies about celebrations in and about Pennsylvania,” Weaver said. “Through the use of videos and discussion questions, elementary-aged students are able to learn about their state’s history in an engaging way.”

The curriculum wraps up with a discussion of how celebrations like parades have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how communities have recognized their essential workers with drive-by parades and parties outside hospitals, grocery stores and other places.

The Celebrating Community Brownie badge guide is available here.