• Campus Beauty
    Gordon R. Wenzel

August 05, 2021

Dear Students,

We approach the start of the fall term with enthusiasm tempered by a bit of prudence. To continue to enjoy a greater sense of normalcy, we made some adjustments to our reentry plan to help us sustain a successful on-campus semester. If we all do our parts on the front end, we will reap the benefits of in-person experiences as a campus community.

Based on the latest public health guidance, which has evolved in response to the recent trends and risks of the pandemic, we are adding some measures as part of our ongoing commitment to everyone’s safety. Here are a few of the new measures that affect everyone:


Effective Aug. 9 and through at least Sept. 12, everyone on campus must wear a mask indoors (regardless of vaccination status and including all visitors). There are a few exceptions such as within a residence hall with a family unit, while eating or drinking in the dining areas, or within a personal office space or university vehicle alone. Masks are required outdoors for unvaccinated persons unable to maintain six feet of distance from other persons wearing masks.


  • All students are required to provide proof of a negative Covid test result [administered] within 72 hours prior to their arrival (regardless of vaccination status). The PCR test is preferred; however, an antigen test will be accepted. Before arriving to campus, students should upload results to bit.ly/prearrival-test-result.
  • All faculty and staff members will be tested at the start of the semester (regardless of vaccination status). Dates and times will be announced.
  • Unvaccinated students (including those not yet fully vaccinated or those with medical and religious exemptions) are required to participate in on-campus weekly testing.
  • Unvaccinated employees (including those not yet fully vaccinated) are required to provide a weekly negative Covid test result.

We will continue to review and update our safety protocols following advice of public health experts. You can find updates about these protocols and more details about the Fall 2021 Re-Entry Plan at our Covid webpage.

Your continued cooperation is beyond appreciated. It is helping to save our semester and, most importantly, save lives.

We remain optimistic that the SU community will succeed, as we have throughout the pandemic thus far. Thank you for all your efforts to keep SU a safe place to live and learn.

For questions about masking, testing or the re-entry plan, students can email covidtesting@susqu.edu and employees can email humanresources@susqu.edu.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks!

Yours ever,

Jonathan D. Green