August 01, 2017

As a member of the women’s golf team and a double major in accounting and Spanish, there were a lot of demands on my time when I was a student. My coaches helped me and my teammates stay focused because they understood that we had academic commitments that couldn’t be taken lightly.

Playing a sport definitely teaches you the value of time management and how to balance multiple aspects of life at once. But in the end, it’s really up to each individual to juggle all of their responsibilities.

I found that it takes a certain amount of discipline, and an understanding that there are certain days that will be busier than others. On those days I tried to prioritize and complete the assignments that were most important.

When I first arrived at Susquehanna, I was impressed with the level of involvement of so many students in so many different types of activities. It spurred me to get involved in more things, too. As a result, I served as the vice president of Big Brothers Big Sisters, was a member of Enactus, and served on the SWSB Marketing Committee and the Dean’s Advisory Board. My planner—and a stack of post-it notes—helped me keep everything in order!

When I was in high school, I never thought that I would become as involved as I am, or love everything about Susquehanna the way that I do. I’ve learned that college really does shape who you are and what you do in the future. When you get involved, whether it’s in sports or community service or Greek life or professional organizations, you gain some sort of competitive edge. And that will help to open doors for you in the future—it did for me.

I have accepted a position with Prudential, which is where I interned, as an associate in their three-year rotational Finance Leadership Development Program. I start at the end of July, and go through three different rotations while part of this program, each lasting one year.