September 16, 2021

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I would like to thank our community for your widespread commitment to getting vaccinated against Covid.

As of this week, 100% of students are compliant with vaccination protocols — 96% are vaccinated and the remaining students have approved exemptions. Faculty and staff have self-reported that 93% are vaccinated, and several members have indicated that they are still arranging shots. The latest vaccination numbers will be posted on SU’s Covid Dashboard, which is updated each Friday. And thanks to those of you who are unvaccinated for complying with the testing requirements.

Our 95.4% overall campus vaccination rate is a telling sign of how committed we are to one another. Vaccinations are among the best tools to prevent serious infections and to help support those who cannot be vaccinated. In the end, vaccinations can curb future variants, essentially further protecting us all.

Another important measure we must take as a community is to continue wearing masks indoors. Your compliance to wear masks properly is truly appreciated and life-saving.

Thanks again for your efforts to keep Susquehanna safe.

Continue to mask up and be kind,

Jonathan Green