October 14, 2021

Dear Friends:

As we reach the middle of a challenging semester, I remain so proud of the many ways all of you have worked together to keep each other safe and to fulfill our mission as a living/learning community. I know that it has been a difficult achievement.

Students across the country have found it especially challenging to reenter in-person communities. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, Susquehanna, like campuses around the nation, has encountered heightened concerns connected to Title IX, sexual discrimination, racial and cultural tensions, and social anxieties. All of this has been compounded by a loss of faith in institutions and collective exhaustion.

In the days following Patrick Latsha’s death, we witnessed the best of what we are as a community. We lifted each other up and cared for each other in myriad ways. It is that spirit that will help us to grow and become better together.

When we return from Fall Break, there will be an open forum at 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, October 21st in Faylor Auditorium to discuss progress in our Title IX efforts and strategies to continue improving safety and equity on campus. Also following break, the Division of Inclusive Excellence will announce large-scale programming to address bias issues on campus and in our surrounding region as we work together to be sure all members of our community are able to flourish.

On the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week (November 22 and 23), all classes will be available remotely to allow extended time with family and friends for those who desire it. This includes faculty and staff. Many of you have expressed concerns for the wellbeing of our faculty and staff. In addition to adding the aforementioned remote option, we are extending the Winter break for employees to 2 full weeks to thank them for their hard work and to provide adequate time to recharge and renew.

First, you need to take care of yourselves. Please use the Fall Break as a restorative time of reflection.

As we return, next week, I look forward to working with all of you to continue becoming better as a place of learning, transformation, and true community.

Have a good break.

Yours ever,

Jonathan D. Green