May 19, 2022

We want you to be able to attend Commencement and be healthy. We also care about the health of your families that will attend. We are relying on you to take proper precautions, especially in light of recent uptick of Covid cases on campus and nationwide.

Be Smart

Everyone should practice safety between now and Commencement. Observe good Covid-avoidance behaviors during senior week.

Always keep a mask with you. Avoid large gatherings and mask up when in close proximity to numbers of people, especially indoors.

Be Responsible

If you have symptoms, you must report to the Student Health Center. Let’s make sure that your health is a priority and get you treatments you might need.

It’s only days before we recognize your great achievement. We are glad you chose Susquehanna for your higher education and we look forward to celebrating a tremendous milestone that you have accomplished!

Stay safe,
Francy Magee, EdD
Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students