First Word

By President Jonathan D. Green
Spring Summer 2022 Issue

Dear Friends,

Lately, it seems that everywhere I go, conversations move to the topic of turning a corner. We are ready to put the past two and a half years behind us, but even while what comes next provokes excitement, it is also filled with uncertainty and challenge. This issue of Currents lifts up the cutting edge, the compassion, the tragedy, and the promise of what is already coming around the corner.

Our students and faculty are venturing into the world of cryptocurrency, which to some of us is just cryptic. Maybe after you read this story it will all make sense.
I know it does to many of our students.

A major focus of our strategic plan is to maximize graduation rates. We have seen meaningful improvements in retention against the backdrop of the pandemic. Much of this success has been a university-wide effort. We are committed to helping as many students as possible complete their degrees. It is how we live our mission most fully.

A point of distinction at SU is our Break Through program that fosters networking and coaching opportunities between current students and alumni and friends of the university. This program is celebrating its first decade and has become a hallmark of how we prepare our students for professional life.

As a campus community, we have watched the war in Ukraine with heavy hearts. Professors Andrea Lopez and Lyudmyla Ardan have helped us to understand what is happening and why.

The benefit of a liberal-arts education is that it is future-facing. It prepares us to make sense in the face of senselessness, to be prepared for an evermore quickly changing world, and to be agents of change for the good.

At this year’s commencement, I told our graduates:

I am more optimistic for the future because of you. I believe you are capable of relegating our worst times to the past.

I believe this because I have seen what you are capable of doing;

I believe this because I know what you have learned; and

I believe this because I have witnessed your kindness, your compassion, your passion, and your goodness countless times as we have journeyed together.

Susquehanna graduates are ready to make the most of what’s around the corner.

Yours Ever,

Jonathan D. Green

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