March 08, 2023

It is with great disappointment and deep personal sadness that I inform you that the Black Lives Matter banner on Degenstein Campus Center was vandalized last night.

An investigation is underway, and we will update the community when we know more. The banner will be replaced; in the short term, a temporary banner will be posted.

This hateful act violates our University values and is hurtful to everyone, and especially to our students, colleagues, neighbors, and friends within the Black community. The timing of this targeted destruction follows recent social-media commentary opposing our principled efforts to foster an inclusive and welcoming community.

The other banner at Degenstein proclaims that “You Belong Here.” This is a fundamental value of our University, but it has its limits. Hate does not belong here! Bigotry, racism, sexism, and acts of prejudice toward others based upon their religion, their gender identity, or that of those they choose to love do not belong here.

We live in a time when fundamental values tied to our shared humanity are under siege. Susquehanna University is committed to being an ethically centered and inclusive institution dedicated to fostering rich and open discourse and free inquiry in a supportive and welcoming living and learning community. Sadly, this means we will find ourselves challenged and criticized, but we must redouble our efforts to do what we know is right.

Please lift up the Black members of our community during this difficult time, and I ask you to stand up together in unity and renew our collective efforts in support of each other as we strive to become a place where all who seek an education rooted in ethical and inclusive values can flourish together.

Yours ever,
Jonathan D. Green