First Word

By President Jonathan D. Green
Summer Fall 2023 Issue

We have begun referring to Susquehanna as “The Future-Ready University,” aligning with our latest branding. Although not always immediately evident, this has been a characteristic of SU from the start. We were founded on an early commitment to reduce financial barriers for deserving students; we coëducated in the 1870s; and we always have delivered a curriculum at the intersection of the liberal arts and preparation for careers.

While that professional training initially was focused on preparing teachers and missionaries, we were also early adopters of business education and applied learning. Today, a hallmark of a Susquehanna education is doing one’s discipline. Every student undertakes a capstone experience, guided by faculty experts, that synthesizes what students have learned and results in practitioners’ projects ranging from original undergraduate research to recitals to art portfolios to business plans to conservation mitigations.

Being future-ready means preparing students for the unknown; it also means embracing new opportunities as an institution. In this issue you will read about both, including how we prepare K-12 teachers to be technologically innovative, nimble, and future-ready. We celebrate the ascendency of women’s leadership in the sciences. Fifty years ago, Susquehanna had one female science professor; today, our science programs are significantly shaped and led by women who provide inspiring role models for the next generation of scientists.

We continue to be future-ready in our curricula, including a new program in criminal justice, a new 4+1 international MBA partnership, and an expanded collaboration with the Chesapeake Conservancy as we continue to work together to improve the health of the Susquehanna River watershed.

You will see celebrations of the achievements of our remarkable faculty and staff, and the launch of our episode on The College Tour. This program, now available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Tubi, and many other streaming services, highlights 10 outstanding Susquehanna students and how their paths benefited from our university’s engaged community. Filmed during autumn’s colorful scape, it provides a dynamic window into our beautiful campus and the remarkable things that happen here. I strongly encourage you to watch it. You will be very proud. I more strongly encourage you to recommend it to prospective college students and their families who want to be future-ready too.

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