March 28, 2024

For students who want to continue competing in the sport they are passionate about at the collegiate level while also pursuing an academically challenging college experience, Division III athletics is the place to be.

“Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that balances rigorous academics, competitive athletics and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co- and extra-curricular opportunities offered at Susquehanna,” said Athletics Director Sharief Hashim.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association will celebrate DIII Week April 1–7, an opportunity for universities to celebrate the impact athletics and student-athletes have on their campus and surrounding community. At Susquehanna, approximately 30% of its student population is a member of one of SU’s 23 NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports teams. Division III offers a competitive athletics environment for student-athletes, without the obligations of an athletics scholarship. Additionally, the Division III playing season and eligibility standards minimize conflicts between athletics and academics, allowing student-athletes to focus on their academic programs and their achievement of a degree.

“We have a charge to put academics before athletics, so we do everything we can to give our student-athletes the chance to become integral parts of their academic environment while still having the opportunity to continue their athletic careers,” Hashim said. “By providing broad-based and equitable programs, we serve the needs of our students from the classroom to the playing field.”

Remi Acord standing on a dark track. Remi Acord ’25Remi Acord ’25, of Southampton, Pennsylvania, is a biochemistry major and an All-Landmark jumper on the River Hawks track & field team, for which she serves as a captain.

“I wanted to continue to compete in track and field while also being able to focus on my academics,” Acord said of her college search process. “Susquehanna offers a great balance between the two, so I don’t have to compromise one for the other.”

Acord is also a member of the national chemistry honors society Gamma Sigma Epsilon, works in the equipment room at Susquehanna’s James W. Garrett Sports Complex and manages content on the jumbotrons during fall football games.

Division III affords student-athletes like Acord the opportunity to discover valuable lessons in time management, teamwork, discipline, perseverance and leadership — lessons Acord said she will carry with her long after she graduates from Susquehanna.

“I have learned how to manage my time really well to get the most out of my training while still completing homework and studying for classes,” Acord said. “And being a captain has allowed me to improve my conflict-resolution and communication skills.”

Keith Green running on the football field. Keith Green ’24Keith Green ’24, of Edgewood, Maryland, is a communication arts major with a minor in marketing. He is also an AFCA First Team All-American on the football team and a runner and jumper on the track & field team. He said it was the culture of the football team and the at-home feeling of campus that drew him to Susquehanna to continue playing the sports he loves.

“I chose Susquehanna because of the environment and the long list of things the university has to offer,” Green said. “On my first visit to Susquehanna, I felt at home. It felt like a comfortable place that values students’ education.”

Like Acord, Green believes the lessons he’s learning as a student-athlete will follow him long into his postgraduate journey.

“Being a student-athlete has taught me how essential it is to manage your time and stay organized, which is so important,” he said. “Managing your time affects how productive you are, if you are showing up to things on time, if you’re getting a good amount of rest when needed and much more.”