April 30, 2024

Susquehanna University will offer a chemistry management major beginning in fall 2024. Students in chemistry management will explore the intersection of science and business.

“Susquehanna’s chemistry management major will uniquely prepare students for a lucrative career in management, administration, sales and consulting for chemical and pharmaceutical companies,” said Swarna Basu, department head and professor of chemistry at Susquehanna. “A degree in chemistry management offers students a blend of scientific knowledge and business acumen, providing them with a versatile skill set that is highly attractive to employers across various industries.”

Chemistry management is an interdisciplinary major offered by Susquehanna’s School of Natural and Social Sciences and the Sigmund Weis School of Business. In addition to taking various courses in chemistry and management, students will also take classes in accounting, economics, marketing, mathematics and physics.

Students in Susquehanna’s chemistry management program will learn to master the principles of chemistry alongside essential management concepts, developing a deep understanding of both scientific processes and organizational dynamics. The career options open to graduates with a degree in chemistry management are wide-ranging, from research and development, product management, consulting or entrepreneurship, to serving as a scientific information liaison in fields like public relations, political advising and lobbying.

“By equipping graduates with a diverse skill set encompassing scientific rigor and strategic business insight, our program addresses the evolving needs of industry,” said Emma Fleck, department head and professor of professor of entrepreneurship & marketing. “Employers today seek candidates who can navigate the domains of science and business simultaneously, and our graduates are poised to meet this demand, driving innovation and success in the global marketplace.”