• Campus in the Fall

July 07, 2021

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to inform you that Susquehanna University will add Juneteenth, which commemorates the final emancipation of slaves in the United States on June 19, 1865, as an observed holiday starting with the 2021-22 academic year.

For many years, the university has celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which occurs at the beginning of our spring term, through a series of teach-ins and educational events aimed at lifting up the history and continuing efforts of civil rights. As with Labor Day, we will continue to hold classes on MLK Day, to sustain the momentum of the start of the semester, while honoring Dr. King’s memory through activities celebrating his legacy and the achievements he inspired.

We will observe June 19th as a day off each year. When the date is a Saturday, the holiday will be the adjacent Friday; when the date is a Sunday, the holiday will be the adjacent Monday.

May we take time that day with family and friends to reflect upon the profound impact emancipation has had for us as a nation and for humanity, and may we rededicate ourselves to being a truly inclusive community and republic.

Yours ever,


Jonathan D. Green