March 16, 2017

You know the headline: Florida Man Wrestles Alligator, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

It’s clickbait and it’s so common on social media channels these days that Facebook recently took action to limit the amount of clickbait appearing in users’ newsfeeds.

Kathryn Watson ’08, a freelance writer and graduate of Susquehanna University’s creative writing program, became so frustrated with her pitches being turned down for low click potential that she and friend and fellow freelancer Ashley Abramson founded Upwrite Magazine. The online magazine caters to the careful art of writing and the readers who appreciate it.

“We cater to an audience that is interested in the craft of writing, and not getting so hysterical and discouraged every time they go online,” Watson said. “Our mission is simple: share stories that empower both the writer and the audience.”

A quick look through Upwrite Magazine’s headlines and you’ll see topics ranging from social activism and gratitude to managing anxiety and self-care. The magazine also publishes various essays, poems and open letters.

“We like articles that address current events and culture with a hopeful slant,” Watson said. “I personally love to write about feminism and culture and the way the two can work together for good.”

As much a writing workshop as it is a writer’s community, work submitted to Upwrite Magazine receives a round of developmental editing, Watson said, which helps writers with structure and word choice. It is a skill she learned from Karla Kelsey, associate professor of creative writing.

“She taught me how to be respectful and kind to people, and how to really see people when I was editing them,” Watson said. “Everyone has their own voice. I want to make the writer sound like the most ‘them’ they can sound like, and there is a way to do that while cheering someone on.”

Upwrite Magazine publishes new content about three times a week. Submission guidelines can be found here.