April 03, 2017

Susquehanna’s Enactus team once again advanced to the national Enactus competition in Kansas City, Mo., to be held in May.

Enactus is an international organization that promotes entrepreneurial action to improve the lives of others.

Thirteen students represented Susquehanna University’s Enactus program at the organization’s regional competition held on March 31, in Washington, D.C. This was the team’s 13th regional win.

The team presented on several projects:

  • Business and Baseball: Members who also happen to be members of Susquehanna’s baseball team used their Global Opportunity experience in Chile to help low-income, inner city youth in Santiago. The studentsdesigned a bilingual coloring book featuring Latin American professional baseball players and featured prompts encouraging brand development skills in selecting their own team name and logo. Members also taught five sessions of business concepts to 40 Chilean youth throughout the week.
  • Seals’ Den: The Enactus team helped disabled students in the Selinsgrove community expand their Seals’ Cafe business at the Selinsgrove Area High School by training, monitoring and assisting them in integrating Apple’s Square Stands application into their café. As a result, café profits rose from $300 to $400 per week and all of the café students contributed to the success of their enterprise.
  • Women’s Empowerment: The team held a panel discussion series at a local women’s shelter to inspire women to pursue a career that would help them to lead independent lives. The team collected lightly worn business-casual clothing and posted short videos regarding how to dress inexpensively, yet professionally for all types of business experiences. Finally, they created a mini-webinar series for women that emphasized best practices for the job search process.
  • Downtown Revitalization: Students spread the word of the Enactus mission and values at Selinsgrove’s Market Street Festival; they aided pet owners during the holiday Pet Parade; served in leadership roles in developing the community’s new Recreational Education Center; and collaborated with veterans’ groups aspiring to construct housing for veterans with little family contact.

George Cravitz from the Sigmund Weis School of Business advises the team.

“This concludes my 13th year as the Enactus advisor,” Cravitz said. “Each year, as my office walls capture, has been special. Working with students who affect people’s lives (including my own) is exhilarating.”