May 10, 2017

Senior Katherine Allebach Among Top Three Presenters


Two Susquehanna University students presented their research at the Undergraduate Research at the Capitol poster conference (URC-PA) on April 25.

Seniors Katherine Allebach, a music and political science dual major from East Greenville, Pa., and Catherine Johnson, an international studies major from Niskayuna, N.Y., presented at the event in the East Wing Rotunda in the Capitol Complex, Harrisburg.

Allebach was recognized for having one of the three best posters, which was titled Counterterrorism Responses After a Major Attack.

Allebach’s research examined how policy convergence theory (PCT) can help define, explain and predict the responses to terrorism. PCT allows two distant fields, security policy analysis and public policy to speak to each other within counterterrorism response research.

Johnson’s research poster explored the growing recognition of the significance of tertiary education in developing African states. That has caused an increase in the demand for equitable and ease of access, as well as a call for the assessment of quality in higher education institutions.

Johnson has firsthand knowledge of the education system in Africa. She spent her Global Opportunities experience working with the nonprofit organization Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu, in Cape Town, South Africa. The organization helps disadvantaged youth pursue higher education or employment.

The URC-PA poster conference is an educational event allowing the undergraduate students enrolled in Pennsylvania’s colleges and universities to showcase their research talents to the state’s key decision-makers. Participants spend the day in the Pennsylvania Capitol Building, share experiences and ideas with their counterparts from other schools and enlighten their state legislators on the topics that are important to them.