December 05, 2018

A summer internship at a rehabilitation hospital set Elaine Anderson ’14 on her way to becoming an occupational therapist. She is now a pediatric occupational therapist in California.

“I discovered that the profession had a lot of appeal to me,” Anderson says of her internship. “I knew I wanted to work with people and being able to help them is a very rewarding feeling.”

“I was able to ask the therapist questions about the field and get valuable information I would not have been able to find anywhere else,” she adds.

At Susquehanna, the Westfield, N.J., native was a psychology major with minors in health care studies and Spanish. In addition to her internship, Anderson also was able to help Jennifer Asmuth, assistant professor of psychology, with research on how preschoolers process numbers.

“I was very excited when the opportunity to participate in this project presented itself because it is something that I never imagined doing as an undergraduate,” she says.