October 18, 2018

Susquehanna University students have the option of embarking on a new Global Opportunities (GO) program that will take them to the northwest African country of Morocco.

In the GO Morocco program, students will examine the country’s overlapping cultural histories of indigenous Berbers and Arabs, with West African and European influences. Students will also study the varied traditions and practices in the multi-lingual nation during this GO Short, three-week experience.

The intersection of culture and landscape is a key focus for this program, said program co-director Ahmed Lachhab, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences and a native of Morocco.

“The Atlas Mountains and other geological features have played a major role in keeping many microcultures entirely secluded, something we can still see on the ground even today” Lachhab said.

The program will also focus on the politics of museums, tourism and language.

“As a major historical crossroads for trade, travel and empire, Morocco offers a rich history of navigating differences when building a nation,” said John Bodinger de Uriarte, chair and associate professor in the Department of Sociology/Anthropology and co-director of GO Morocco.

Also included is a stay on the Al Akhawayn University campus (near Fez, in the Middle Atlas Mountains), to attend seminars, workshops and cultural events with Moroccan faculty and students.

All Susquehanna students study away for a minimum of two weeks or as long as a semester. Students on GO Short programs travel with Susquehanna faculty/staff leading a small group of Susquehanna classmates, all of whom have participated in the program’s preparation course in the semester prior to departure. After an intensive, active study program away from campus, there is a reflection course for students to optimize their cross-cultural learning. The GO Short programs run during winter or summer breaks for two to six weeks, and are offered in numerous countries spanning the globe.