• Campus Beauty
    Gordon R. Wenzel

July 19, 2017

While most students end their senior year with final exams, Katrin Winkler ’17, of Hamburg, Germany, rounded out her time as a Susquehanna University student in the nation’s capital.

Winkler took advantage of Susquehanna’s Lutheran College Washington Semester.

“It was a truly formative experience to work in D.C. at my age, because it is a city full of professionals,” Winkler said. “An environment like that instantly made me all the more aware of how I have to act in a competitive world of young professionals.”

The Lutheran College Washington Semester brings together students from a consortium of 13 Lutheran-affiliated colleges around the U.S. to intern in a cross-cultural setting for a government office, a nonprofit or a business, on the National Mall or elsewhere around the city. Housing is included and costs consist of normal Susquehanna tuition, including all loans and scholarships, and a program enrollment fee.

“All of our students are required to have at least one experience within a culture that is different from the one they are accustomed to,” said Scott Manning, dean of global programs at Susquehanna. “The Washington semester can fulfill that requirement, and is most convenient for students who prefer to stay in the United States.”

Winkler interned at the International Language Institute, an organization that provides language training to students from around the world. There, she handled administrative tasks, social media strategy and worked with the institute’s students. She also earned Susquehanna credit by taking two classes related to the history and culture of Washington, D.C.

“My experience in Washington will allow me to proceed with enhanced professional skills and a network of smart and ambitious people who participated in the program with me,” Winkler said. “It’s also highly rewarding to experience D.C. like a native. This is definitely the most political and most professional city that I have ever been to, which shaped me a lot while I was there.”

In the fall, Winkler, who was a double major in English and publishing and editing, will attend graduate school in Berlin, Germany, where she will study international affairs.