August 29, 2017

History and political science major Ethan Eastwood ’16 has enrolled at Boston College Law School—and his majors at Susquehanna gave him the tools to get there.

Studying history and political science allowed him to hone his writing and research skills, and gain further insight into society, the government and humanity at large.

“The writing and researching skills I gained through my study of history at Susquehanna have already been useful to me,” he said.

Eastwood originally chose Susquehanna because of the high-quality education and close-knit environment.

“I did not just want a degree; I wanted to become a more intelligent and self-aware person,” he said.

He had an array of experiences outside the classroom, including internships with local judges and attorneys, competing with Chinese collegiate athletes during his Global Opportunities (GO) study abroad program, and collaborating with students from around the country as a University Innovation Fellow.