August 20, 2018

From her very first Honors class at Susquehanna, Sarah Franzone ’20 has enjoyed the open conversations that are a hallmark of our Honors program.

“We had students from a variety of majors and had many stimulating conversations with contributions from varying viewpoints. That experience was honestly just so much fun,” Franzone says of her introductory Thought class.

Franzone joined the Honors program for the academic challenge and a chance to pursue truly interdisciplinary study. She came to Susquehanna as an undeclared major, knowing that she’d have plenty of choices once she got here.

She landed on a mathematics-secondary education major with minors in psychology and leadership.

“I genuinely love to learn, so I really enjoy the opportunity to learn from so many fields, from professors and fellow students,” she says.

She’s involved in a wide variety of activities on campus-including University Chorale, Catholic Campus Ministries, the Honors Council and several honors societies.
After graduation, she plans to teach middle or high school math.

“In addition to passing on my passion for mathematics through my teaching, I hope to also impart to my students the skills to be productive and positively engaged members of our society,” she says.