August 10, 2018

Amanda Grosz ’19 is participating in a unique leadership development program with JPMorgan Chase & Co. that introduces potential Chase employees to the business, its products and customers.
An economics major, Grosz is spending 10 weeks in the company’s Card Services sector, translating data into business recommendations to improve marketing strategies for Chase.

“Coming into this, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after this internship, I want to continue doing strategic analytics,” Grosz, of Shohola, Pa., said.

Her work in Card Services involves running analyses on large amounts of data to identify patterns and find opportunities to improve Chase’s relationship with its credit card customers and merchants.

“It’s interesting to see the vast amount of data collected by Chase and utilizing it to improve customer engagement and profitable credit card behavior.” Grosz said. “This internship is kind of like getting a look under the hood and seeing the amount of research that goes into the marketing strategies implemented by Chase.”

Through the Chase Leadership Development Program, Grosz has access to one-on-one coaching from both her manager and a mentor, networking events, and Chase’s speaker series.

She is also learning two new languages, but not Spanish or German. SQL and SAS are computer programming languages she uses to access and manipulate databases and for statistical analysis.

Additionally, she and her fellow interns are tasked with making various presentations to their managers, all of which culminates with a final presentation at the end of their 10-week leadership program-one that can determine whether they are offered full-time employment.

Grosz is hoping to receive that offer, and credits her participation in Susquehanna’s Enactus chapter, data analytic courses, and involvement with Global Business Perspectives for giving her invaluable preparation for a career in finance.

“It helped me develop that mindset of being able to identify opportunities and factors that would impact the decision of a proposal,” Grosz said. “Having the ability to get the full picture allows for a better grasp of insight and understanding needed in decision making.”