March 01, 2019

Logan Sweet ’15, a public relations and social media specialist at CreAgent in Corning, New York, and Pierce O’Hearn ’15, paid social media manager for Hint flavored water in San Francisco, hosted an online branding panel for students at Break Through.

In addition to sharing advice about entering public relations careers, they discussed paid advertising strategies on social media. Both panelists work in various platforms to manage online presences for their clients and employer, from Facebook to Instagram.

“You have to stay as up to date as possible on all the [online] platforms,” said O’Hearn, who manages paid advertisement for his brand.

Sweet and O’Hearn also stressed the importance of students managing their personal social media presences, especially on LinkedIn, as they get ready to enter the workforce. They advised students to maintain appropriate LinkedIn profiles that play to their own experience and goals. Sweet encouraged students to tailor their résumés and online presences to match where they would potentially want to work.

They also reminded students to continue using the power of Susquehanna’s extensive alumni network.