May 02, 2018

A study-abroad experience in Dublin, Ireland, gave Nathan Hughart ’18 more than fond memories and an awesome Instagram story.

The creative writing and publishing and editing double-major interned at Fighting Words, a company that encourages creative thinking and writing in both adults and children.
Hughart was in charge of day-to-day operations, setting up for major events and teaching children ages 8 to 10 the craft of writing.

“I liked learning to work with kids—keeping them on track and also providing insight,” says Hughart.

“Week to week, I got to interact with new people and mentors and new kids to manage,” he adds. “I had to construct an environment that facilitated creativity for all of the kids involved, all with different needs.”

He was also able to meet world-class writers, playwrights and film makers who gave him a lot of creative insight.

“Working in a creative environment with international artists was useful to my writing,” he says. “I was able to get pointers on my own writing and discover new techniques to improve my craft.”

Before going to Ireland, Hughart expected to find a culture steeped in Catholic heritage and far different than the U.S. Instead, he found an Ireland quite connected to modern culture, but with an older generation longing for traditions of the past.

“There was a distinct feeling amongst the older Irish people I spoke with to reclaim their culture—people don’t speak the language anymore, they don’t listen to the music anymore,” he says. “Even the accents, I was told, are fading out.”

After graduation, Hughart plans to work for a publishing company or freelance for newspapers, magazines and literary journals.