November 03, 2017

Susquehanna University has been named to the 2018 Colleges of Distinction Guidebook. The guide spotlights schools that use innovative teaching methods or writing-intensive courses centered on long-term student satisfaction and success.

The 2018 Colleges of Distinction Guidebook (CoD) uses in-depth interviews with college executives, program directors, faculty, students and others to determine how schools deliver on student experiences.

CoD’s methodology is supported by research from the Pew Charitable Trust, the Association of American Colleges & Universities, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. The methodology is anchored in practices tied to high student success and engagement, sustained employment in an unstable job market and lifelong learning for students from different socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

CoD also looks for schools that have a proven record in the following four key areas:

  • Engagement: Students are engaged inside and outside the classroom, compete in sports, volunteer, conduct independent research and study abroad.
  • Innovative teaching: Students learn in environments that encourage reading, writing, research and interaction as a way of teaching students to analyze problems, think creatively, work in teams and communicate effectively.
  • Vibrant communities: Colleges offer a variety of residential options, clubs and organizations to satisfy every interest. They have cultural and social opportunities and avenues for leadership, character and spiritual development.
  • Successful outcomes: The schools have a record of graduating satisfied, productive alumni who make their mark in business, medicine, law, education, public service and other fields.

Other recent national recognitions for Susquehanna include:

  • The Wall Street Journal, the top 16 percent of colleges and universities, for student success and learning;
  • The Princeton Review, No. 9 for study abroad and science facilities;
  • Money magazine for the upward mobility of Susquehanna’s graduates;
  • Forbes business magazine for the value of a Susquehanna degree;
  • The Fiske Guide to Colleges for the university’s challenging academics, small class sizes, access to study-abroad opportunities and competitive athletic teams;
  • Zippia Inc., which ranked Susquehanna ninth nationwide for job placement and first in PA;
  •, which ranked Susquehanna in the top 10 best colleges with publishing degrees.