November 10, 2017

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September. In response, several Susquehanna students have established a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for San Juan and the surrounding areas where they were stationed during their Global Opportunities (GO) program last summer, Service and Culture in Puerto Rico.

The campaign will raise funding for Proyecto Enlace del Caño Martín Peña, the service group SU students worked with while in Puerto Rico. These funds will go toward restoring clean drinking water, food and other essentials.

The campaign has raised $1,440 toward its $5,000 goal. Donate here.

Susquehanna junior Isabella San Miguel is from Puerto Rico, but is currently studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. Isabella’s parents, Paco and Sofia, have made the university aware of another effort underway to raise funds for the care of abandoned cats and dogs.

“Isabella has a kind heart and is an animal lover,” Paco said. “She adopted two dogs in January and very much would like to raise some funds to help in any way needed.”

As thousands of Puerto Ricans leave the island, many are forced to abandon their pets, increasing the need for care and shelter for the animals.

Paco and Sofia helped to transfer nearly 200 shelter dogs to a facility in New Jersey. As they continue their efforts in Puerto Rico, please consider donating toward the effort.