December 05, 2017

English, politics, publishing, Spanish … Maribeth Guarino ’17 was interested in all of those subjects and didn’t want to give up any.

Luckily, that’s not a problem at Susquehanna. With the help of English and political science faculty, Guarino designed her own major called Law, Language, Politics.

“My goal was to take classes that focused on the importance of language and writing techniques to accomplish a goal, particularly in the realm of government and political science,” says the Freehold, N.J., native. She also majored in Spanish, and added a minor in publishing and editing.

This unique combination helped give Guarino the skills and experience to go onto law school at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

“Working with professors, reading and writing for research, and analyzing real-world applications of classroom theories were the three most important things I did at Susquehanna—through classwork and also extracurricular activities—that prepared me for law school,” Guarino says.

Law school was her goal beginning in middle school, and her interest kicked into high gear in high school, where she was part of a law and public service program.

“That’s really where I developed my interest in how language determines the law and affects the structure of our society,” she says.

After law school, she hopes to do research for a think tank or legislative body in D.C.