November 07, 2019

Shian Knouse '20 For Shian Knouse ’20, sustainability is a passion. As news of the planet’s problems increased in recent years, Knouse heard her call to assist and dove in head first.

If being an earth and environmental science major with a minor in environmental studies doesn’t show dedication enough, Knouse is also the president of the Beekeeping Club, where she helps take care of Susquehanna’s five beehives, and is a member of the Sustainability Committee.

Knouse says her passion comes from her upbringing, citing her interest in hiking and nature photography as sources that help fuel her drive to help the planet.

“I’ve always been interested in outdoorsy-related things,” she says.

Working closely with Sustainability Coordinator Derek Martin, Knouse helped create an online sustainability map, which notes the location of the Campus Garden, the beehives, recycling bins, terra-cycling bins and even bike racks. The goal is to make students and faculty more aware of the locations of these sustainability initiatives so they are more likely to recycle, take a bike instead of driving or visit the garden or the beehives.

She is also involved in sustainability changes in 18th Street Commons, where “there are plans for an energy war between all residents of the apartments in an effort to raise awareness of their electricity use, which will hopefully lead to a reduction in energy use and will lead students to adopt more environmentally friendly habits,” Knouse says.

She also plans and runs the annual Sustainable Foods Fair, where she works to inform others of how to be more sustainable with their food choices with decisions like whether they decide to dine at a local restaurant or do their own grocery shopping.

Knouse also shares some advice on how to start reducing your carbon footprint: “Make little changes like avoiding single use products or cutting down on the amount of meat and/or dairy you consume, even slightly to two meals a day with meat instead of three or one meatless meal a week. Even switching to a plant-based milk occasionally would be beneficial.”