April 13, 2021

Dear Students,

Effective Thursday, April 15, students who are fully vaccinated beyond the 14-day maximized-efficacy period are no longer required to participate in SU’s twice weekly nasal-swab Covid surveillance testing for the remainder of the spring semester.

If you have been vaccinated, email an image of your completed COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to covidtesting@susqu.edu. We will remove you from the email notices that request you to get tested. If you still happen to get a testing request, please reply to the notice that you have already emailed a copy of your card. Fully-vaccinated students who are residing on campus over the summer also will not be required to be tested.

We strongly encourage everyone who can get vaccinated to do so as soon as possible, to better ensure our return fully to in-person instruction this fall.

If you are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated with your final dose for at least two weeks, continue to schedule your on-campus test. Also, student-athletes are required to continue to be tested in compliance with NCAA guidelines, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. We appreciate your continued cooperation to get tested regularly.

Whether you have had the vaccine or not, if you become symptomatic, contact the Student Health Center immediately to arrange for a Covid test. It is improbable that those who are vaccinated get infected, but still slightly possible.

And, all students residing on campus — vaccinated or not — are expected to attend class in person, and continue to follow safety protocols. Thus far, there are no known cases of Covid transmission in SU academic buildings. We believe that measures for classroom capacities, enhancements to ventilation and filtration, and individuals wearing masks and maintaining physical distance have all contributed to this outcome. Keep up the good work!