March 07, 2018

During his time studying abroad at Regent’s University in London, Damian Munoz ’18 explored London’s art and fashion culture.

Taking classes in the School of Fashion and Design, Munoz expanded on his self-designed major at Susquehanna, which includes marketing, art history and studio art.

“I refined my tastes to greater degree; experienced a new culture strongly rooted in creativity, art and fashion; and acquired new skills that will help me thrive in a creative career,” says Munoz.

He was inspired to create his own website,, that focuses on the finer parts of art, culture and music and how they interact in everyday life. This is also where Munoz displays his photography and art. After returning to Susquehanna to complete his degree, Munoz decided it was time to travel again.

This summer, Munoz traveled to China where he interned as a project manager at G2Studio Creative Workshop, where he oversaw design and animation teams while meeting with clients.

“Along with sharpening my creative thought processes and methods, I further developed leadership and business-oriented skills that are extremely valuable in any industry,” said Munoz.

When he’s not traveling the globe, Munoz works as a gallery assistant in Susquehanna’s Lore Degenstein Gallery. He is in charge of guest experiences, which includes educating each guest about the work being displayed and also educating himself to be able to answer their questions.

Munoz also gets to express his creative side.

“When a new exhibition arrives at the gallery, the other assistants and I strategically plan and implement elements, such as artwork layout and lighting. This process is extremely fulfilling, as once an installation is complete, there exists a tangible result that can be experienced by all,” he says.