February 05, 2020

Hannah Houtz ’20 whole-heartedly embraced the Argentinian culture during her months studying there.

“They just have this indescribably affectionate warmth and constant energy about them. One of the things I miss most is being kissed hello and goodbye by everyone in my life, including strangers,” Houtz reflects.

Her semester in Argentina gave her the confidence to consider living and working in a developing nation after graduation.

“My experience humbled me, but also empowered me, to take risks and be confident in my own competency,” Houtz says.

“The GO program makes the campus culture at Susquehanna what it is. It’s a rite of passage that connects us as a student body, but more obviously strengthens our connections as individuals to the international community around us,” she adds.

Studying in Buenos Aires through our partner program IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities, Houtz took advantage of an internship doing translation work with two freelance translators.

“Translation was something that I had never had the opportunity to do before – let alone receive one-on-one training from an experienced professional in the field,” Houtz says.

While the people won her heart, the food definitely still has a hold on her stomach.

“I still have to mention that the steak is so perfect and so tender that you can cut it with a spoon — confirmed — and Argentine ‘helado’ is still the best ice cream I’ve ever had,” she recalls.

Houtz is a Spanish studies major and has minors in applied linguistics, Italian studies and international studies. She is a senior community assistant in the residence life office, a peer mentor for first-year students, a Spanish language tutor and one of the leaders of the Italian Club. She also helps the languages, literatures and cultures department coordinate cultural events.