June 25, 2020

As Susquehanna University steps into its role as an actively antiracist community, President Jonathan D. Green has launched CenSUs: Everyone Counts, a task force dedicated to assuring the campus is a supportive community in which all members feel welcome and supported.

“It is critically important that all members of our community know that Black Lives Matter at Susquehanna University,” Green said. “We will affirm this through the actions we take as a community, beginning in the coming weeks and months and onward into our future.”

The task force, made up of faculty, staff and students, will develop a series of action steps to be undertaken this summer and in the coming year. Efforts will begin with reviews of Public Safety and the university’s partnerships with regional law enforcement, campus facilities, website and social media strategies, and student-centered education.

The task force will develop recommendations for campus safety, training and education, and policies and procedures.

The effort is led by Shari Jacobson, associate professor of anthropology, and Olu Onafowora, professor of economics.

“I believe that a university’s role in the current national movement is to leverage its faculty and staff expertise, alumni, networks, curriculum and other resources at its disposal to help people learn to embrace diversity and have greater understanding of social justice,” Onafowora said. “My hope is that the work of the task force will result in all students, regardless of their background, feeling welcome, safe, supported, valued, respected, encouraged and empowered to voice their opinion about social issues without fear of retribution or prejudice.”