• Coronavirus Testing Required Pre-Arrival

August 21, 2020

As a result of pre-arrival testing and isolation procedures, Susquehanna University started the fall 2020 semester with 0 confirmed cases of coronavirus on campus.

The university has sent one student home for being in violation of the Community Health Agreement, which includes safety requirements. That student will complete coursework remotely.

In accordance with Susquehanna’s phased move-in plan, nearly 1,400 students (mostly first-year students), faculty and staff have been tested prior to moving or returning to campus. Those test results identified five positive cases among students, resulting in a positivity rate of 0.004%, which is far below that of recent data (Aug. 20) from Snyder County (2.8%) or Pennsylvania (3.4%).

Students with confirmed cases are isolating at home and cannot travel to campus until they produce a negative test result.

The majority of seniors, juniors and sophomores will return to campus in the next two to four weeks. Their testing will be completed closer to their scheduled move-in dates.

According to Jennifer Bucher, vice president for human resources, there were 0 confirmed cases among faculty and staff — 100% tested negative.

“Our employees have happily complied with our testing requirement,” Bucher said. “I think the fact that they have all tested negative indicates that they have taken the threat of coronavirus seriously from Day One and have taken the steps necessary to protect their own health and that of their families and their coworkers and our students.”

Susquehanna continues surveying the latest medical research, public health advice and best practices relating to the pandemic. As scientific knowledge about COVID-19 and its prevention evolves, so will Susquehanna’s course of action — with guidance from federal, state and local public health experts.

To date, Susquehanna has implemented extensive procedures and protocols in testing and tracing, space redesigns, health and hygiene, move-in phases, remote learning and staffing.

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